Tuesday, June 7, 2022

About Me

                                                      me with Sung Kang at SEMA 2021

                    I started Chris O'Neal Photography back in 2010. I started with doing a ton of automotive photography for well over a decade. I started out covering local events in my homestate of New Jersey till I started traveling which was going to OCMD aka Ocean City, Md Then Houston, Tx, Los Angeles/Anaheim, Ca and Las Vegas, NV. I have been a contributor for various sites and publications over the years such as I love driving slow, Nj Tuners, Anything Cars.us, Unique Magazine and PASMAG. I also have visited high profile events throughout the country such as Tuner Evolution, Wekfest, Spocom, Elite Tuner, Clean Culture, Formula Drift, TX2K and SEMA. 

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